Friday, April 10, 2015

Andrew's School Evaluation

I took Andrew today to get screened for Pre-K in the Terre Haute school district. Andrew did a really good job. It was very obvious that Andrew has a very hard time paying attention. I think the four ladies that evaluated him all about lost their patience with him. His eyes were everywhere and his attention was everywhere except for where it was suppose to be. It was very sad to watch. Some people may crack jokes about ADD/ADHD but it is nothing to laugh about when it effects a person like it does my boys especially when they are fighting against autism too.

 Andrew scored in the average range for concepts and language. He was below average in his motor skills and WAY below average in adaptive/social emotional. Therefore, they want Andrew to come back for a full evaluation next month.

Harsha's goal for Andrew is to reduce his hours by 50% at his next evaluation. This is to prepare Andrew for a transition into the social skills group at Harsha by the summer of 2016.  Andrew will be a busy boy going to pre-k to work on his social skills that he is so far behind in and attending Harsha working on his goals there!

Andrew has responded awesome to all of his therapy the past year. I look at where he was one year ago and it is amazing. I know now why someone once told me, "You can't save money and not get Andrew the therapy because he is mild. "
Therapy is such a crucial key to kids on the spectrum, even if they are on the mild end. Trenton responds well to therapy too. However, it is in a totally different ballpark than Andrew. I will post more on this next week and you will see why then.

I am excited for Andrew to start in a pre-k class next fall. It will be fantastic for his social needs!!!

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