Wednesday, April 8, 2015


He has had some problems falling asleep. It appears to be a lot of sensory problems. It is a struggle every evening. He gets so mad and the meltdowns and tantrums begin until he can fall asleep. You can not imagine the HUGE weight that is lifted off my shoulders when he finally closes his eyes and is asleep. IT IS A HUGE WEIGHT!! It is like I can breathe and relax again.....then the weight comes back again all too soon...

He is in that messy bedroom floor somewhere....


  1. I have been struggling with sleep too due to heartburn issues. It just occurred to me that maybe your son might be? Autism Speaks has a very informative video on their site describing how to tell if our autistic children are suffering heartburn. It's very hard to tell sometimes. Well, just thought I'd mention it in case it's something you might find worth exploring.

    1. Thank you for the thought! I would have never thought about heartburn. It is so hard to know what is wrong and why he is suffering when he can't communicate. Thanks so much and thanks for following my blog!!

  2. is the link for the video