Friday, April 24, 2015

Superhero Party!

Harsha Cognitive Center hosted a Superhero Party tonight! I am not sure who was more excited...the boys or Mommy! We were all excited because we actually had somewhere to go on a Friday evening where we would not get the crazy stares from people. I had somewhere to take Trenton where he could run and pace and do his thing at!! I had somewhere to take Trenton where he felt safe and where his anxiety would not get the best of him. It felt GREAT!! Thanks so much Harsha for hosting an awesome event for kids with special needs.

 Nana and Grandma Great was here for the day for a visit. They stayed through the evening so Nana could help me chase the boys at Harsha.

Andrew had a great time participating at all of the booths they had.
 He even made a picture frame out of puzzle pieces:)

 It can't be a party for kids with autism without bubbles!!

 Andrew enjoyed the sensory story time!

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  1. It was a fun evening! It was so good to see everyone at Harsha again! Thanks to all the "coaches" there for putting this event together for the kids!! They loved it!!!