Friday, April 17, 2015

Trenton saying his name!

I have heard Trenton say his name before but it is after we say it. Today was the first time I have heard him say his name after being asked!!! I am so thankful that Harsha got it on video for me!!
Kids with autism work for reinforcers. Trenton will work hard for things that he wants. Lately, Trenton has to have his dvds with him at all times. In the video he wants his dvds but he knows he won't get them until he does what his therapist is asking him. This is an example of ABA therapy. This is how kids with autism learn. It is how we can get them to communicate.

I am one proud Mommy today!! I had to post this once I got it to share my good news!!

He also said, "I want Mommy." today at Harsha!! I am on cloud nine! Keep up the good work T-man!!!!

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