Thursday, April 2, 2015

Typical Autism Awareness Night

I was hoping on the eve of World Autism Day, my boys would take it easy on me and give me a present! Wishful thinking!

Instead, it was a typical night in the life of Mommy, Trenton, and Andrew. Andrew had been sleeping good the past month until the last 7 days. I am in his room in the night more than I am in Trenton's room. For example, last night I was soothing Andrew to sleep and fell asleep with my neck in the most awkward position. I remember thinking that I couldn't move because Andrew was finally not fussing and saying "Mommy" repeatedly. Needless to say I fell asleep in that awkward position. It only takes a short period of time to give your neck a terrible cramp. I woke up approximately a half hour later. I was so tired I was completely "out of it." I saw the lights and TV lights from downstairs and thought for a second that I slept till morning. I guess the TV lights gave the house just enough light I thought it was the sun coming up. I looked at my clock and it was not even close to the sun coming was the middle of the night. When I realized the lights were from Tim I got excited in hopes that I had a few hours of sleep ahead of me. I was wrong.

Trenton is starting off autism awareness month reminding everyone what individuals with severe autism suffer from and that is the inability to sleep like a neurotypical person. With all of that said, I was up for the majority of the night....I was up helping Andrew and then Trenton gave him and myself an early morning wake up call at 1:30 AM.....the joys of autism....
However, I am thankful that Trenton slept perfectly the past week. I have learned to be very grateful for the smallest of things....even one week of perfect sleep for Trenton. However, it is ALWAYS my luck that when Trenton sleeps, Andrew has his sleep problems. Just another example of why the majority of families, like ours, hire 24/7 help. It is impossible to do this like 24/7 and never get a break. I wonder why I have gained 25 pounds from where I was a few years ago...sleep deprivation and stress causes weight gain.

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