Saturday, May 23, 2015

Adjusting to Town Without Family

Since our move to Terre Haute, some things have got easier while others have got harder. One of the most difficult things for the boys and I to adjust to is the fact that we know no one here. Well, of course we know people here but no one that we can  go to their house when the boys have had enough of our house.  Every child gets bored of the same environment. What do most families do when the kids need a break from the house? Well, I am assuming they load up and go to the park, ice cream shop, movie theater, or whatever your town has to offer.

Unfortunately, we can't do that. Yes I can with Andrew but not with Trenton. We can't go anywhere with Trenton.
 So we are stuck in our house and the same environment. When we lived in Flora, we walked next door and went to Nana and Pops house to play for a while. In our nice, small town there were small closed in playgrounds where few if any one was around so I could take Trenton with the help from Nana and Pop. (More adults are always needed even if it is just taking Trenton to a small closed in playground.)

Another thing that is very difficult is when both boys are having bad days. Usually, in the evening is when fights happen and when they need to be separated. I used to be able to call Nana to help me. Now, I can't call Nana up and say, "Boys need to be separated can Andrew spend the night?" Oh how I have missed being able to do that. Not having family in the same town has been extremely difficult on the boys and Mommy. Sadly, it has made them suffer a lot.

When things get harry now, we just load up and take the van for a ride. However, most of the time that is more stressful because the boys just hit each other, cry, and fuss. We did take a car ride today to break up the day. On our car ride Trenton got an ice cream cone!
 When we got home, their Daddy had the sprinkler ready for them. We love sprinklers! We have lots of fun with them every summer!
 Ever since I told Andrew that he was staying then night in a hotel on Sunday night, he hasn't stopped talking about it. When he wakes up in the morning and finds out that it is Sunday the day for the hotel, he will be the happiest kid alive!!!
Today he actually said to me, "It's hard to wait for the hotel."
We have family coming in tomorrow and they are staying in a hotel. Andrew is so excited to stay the night with them:)

This picture was too cute not to post. He walked out of the bathroom Thursday morning and said, "I'm Mommy!"
He had got in my make up bag again and put one of my headbands on and called himself Mommy!

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