Thursday, May 7, 2015

Children's Museum

Andrew and I had a fabulous time at The Children's Museum yesterday. Wednesday and Fridays will be spent doing fun things until our library classes start in June. It is good for Andrew to get out in public. It is almost like therapy for him. He had only one bad episode of hitting a girl. Other than that, he was great!

The farm section was his favorite!

He wanted to make a bubble around him as soon as we arrived. However, he got scared and started crying and wanted nothing to do with it. We went back one hour later and he loved it! I love how he closed his eyes as he was making the bubble.

When we got home he wanted his Lego tractor put together that he got at the museum. As you can see, he is really helping his Daddy with it:)

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  1. From the looks of that picture, Nana and Pops need to get a milk cow!!!! lol! Little "A" knows what he is doing!!! So glad you had fun. We will have to go again next time Nana comes!