Monday, May 18, 2015

Doctor Appointment

Trenton had an appointment today with one of his child psychiatrists. I have found out the past year how crucial a good psychiatrist is for children like Trenton with severe autism.

The doctors that Trenton was seeing in St. Louis before we moved were very good but it does take a specialist to have a full understanding of autism and other mental issues.
It is very hard to find a child psychiatrist. There are only 7000 in the nation. Just another reason why I am glad we moved to the area we did.

Trenton was weaned off his sleeping medicine  about 8 weeks ago when he saw his psychiatrist for the first time. As of today, Trenton will not be on any medicines besides melatonin. I guarantee I will not see a bit of difference in him. The psychiatrist did not agree with the medication that he was on. I NEVER thought it worked or made a difference for Trenton.

Medicines have a totally different effect on individuals with autism. Their whole entire system is wired completely different than neurotypical people. Therefore,medicines do not react the same with them. I had a great conversation with the psychiatrist about this today. All of those times that I was trying to tell Trenton's developmental pediatrician that I never noticed a change in him since starting the medicines, she could not believe me! I knew I was right. A mother knows her child the best and I knew the medicines were not helping him. I have been reassured by Trenton's psychiatrist that I was right! The medicines were no where close to the right kind that he should have been on.

With all of this said, we are going medicine free for while! I do believe that there is medication that can help individuals with autism but as of right now, we are going med free. We have a great child psychiatry office to go to when we need some medicine

I did not tell Trenton we were going to the doctor today until I picked him up at Harsha to go. Once I told him, he cried and didn't stop crying till after we left the doctor. I knew that would happen which is why I didn't tell him till right before that he was going.
Here he is in his car seat after his appointment playing with a fan the doctor gave him.  He still looks sad but he was much better here because we were leaving,

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