Tuesday, May 5, 2015


He loves his dvds. They have to be with him at all times. He takes them EVERY WHERE he goes!

 You can see the dvds in his hand.

 Sometimes they are in their cases....


 It has been this way for almost two years now. I have no doubt I could post over a hundred pictures of him and his dvds.

The below picture is from a year and a half ago when we lived in Illinois. He always took his dvds to his session with Heather.

He always took them to ST & OT at Olney.
 This is from one year ago on our home from therapy.

 This boy loves his dvds!They have to be everywhere he is:)

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  1. I know the focus was on Trenton and his DVD's, but I LOVE the picture with both boys with their umbrellas up in the van!!!!! They must've thought the roof might have a leak!!!! lol!!!!