Friday, May 22, 2015


I had some phenomenal moments today with both boys. First, Trenton was in a good mood this morning!!We had a great time taking our picture!

Trenton's "thing" right now is Sesame Street. He wants an Elmo dvd playing in his room at all times and he plays with his sesame street stuff dolls and figurines all the time! Last night he left his Ernie outside. When Trenton realized that he didn't have his Ernie this morning, he walked up to me and looked me in the eye and said, "Ernie. side."
I was going crazy!!!! I was so happy!! He looked me in the eye and said Ernie...side...He was telling me that Ernie was outside. I immediately went outside and walked our backyard up and down until I found Ernie.
 Look closely and you can find his Sesame Street friends in the picture.

While Trenton was working hard at Harsha, Andrew and I had a good day together.

We went to Square Donuts this morning after we dropped off Trenton. Andrew was so amazed that the donuts were square and not circles. When he was looking at the donuts and picking out the one he wanted the first thing he said was, "Look Mommy. They are all squares and rectangles. No circles."

He was so happy to eat his square donut and drink his strawberry milk!

Andrew brought home a doll from Harsha yesterday. He loves this doll! He took the doll everywhere with him today. The doll even had to ride in Trenton's car seat.
I heard numerous times, "Mommy my doll is so pretty."

Today while holding the doll he said, "Mommy I want a baby in our house"
Mommy says, " Oh Andrew I wish we could have a baby in the house but Mommy can't."
Andrew says, "That's okay. I'll have the baby Mommy."

 We ended our day at Menchie's right before we picked up Trenton! Mommy didn't have any donuts this morning because my weight gain keeps on going up. However, I did share Andrew's frozen yogurt with him:)

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  1. This is my favorite post ever!!! Makes Nana's day, and this has been a long and stressful one!!!! :)