Friday, May 29, 2015


I was reading some of the characteristics of sleep deprivation tonight. Wow! I have every one of them. I think what scares me the most, is the detrimental side effects of prolonged sleep deprivation. I have been sleep deprived for almost 5 years. I have a feeling I have many more years ahead of me of sleep deprivation.

This morning I wanted nothing to do other than to take a nice long nap after I dropped off Trenton. I had been awake since midnight and Trenton had been awake since 1:10 AM.(both boys had a rough night but Andrew did go back to sleep around 1 AM for the rest of the night. Of course it was right around the time that Trenton was up for good.)I even took Andrew back home with me and tried my best to talk him into a nap but it didn't work. Therefore, I had no choice other than put my best foot forward and make the most of our day.

Andrew and I had a picnic lunch by the river today!
He doesn't look like he enjoyed it at all does he?
 Andrew and I also went to the mall and to our surprise we came across a jumping apparatus. I have no idea what it is called but Andrew loved it!

I am so glad that I forced myself to get out and about today. I am getting to be a pro at hiding how tired I am daily. It was worth every smile that I witnessed on Andrew's face.

Despite the lack of sleep that Trenton had, he had a great day at Harsha. We continue to work hard on potty training both at home and at Harsha. The iPad continues to be a huge help in getting him to sit on the toilet.

Even though he was tired, he had some giggles and smiles today at Harsha!

While I was up with Trenton from 1 AM on, you might wonder what we did the whole time? I worked hard, very hard at keeping my eyes open while he ran around in the house. Trenton really enjoys not only spelling out body parts but he LOVES it when someone else writes them on a piece of paper. He will then walk around and hold the paper and stim on it. Then he rips up the paper and we do it all over again. We did this routine countless times last night....COUNTLESS TIMES!
It is humorous to be honest at what goes on in our house in the weeeeee hours in the morning.


  1. All those beautiful homes that surround your house and the families in them.......all the people in the cars that drive by daily.......they would be in shock wouldn't they if they only knew!?? I have had this thought many times!!!!! Hang in there! You are the strongest Mommy I know!!!! I wish I could be there to help more!

  2. I hope you all get some good sleep soon! Lacking sleep is so detrimental to health, especially brain health (inflammation). I ran into this post and thought of you.

    Again I wish you well. Not trying to annoy, and praying for your family.

    1. Hello! You are not annoying me:) I appreciate your comments and support. Autism families have to stick together! Thanks for the prayers, it means a lot to me. Hope all is well in your home!

    2. Glad I'm not annoying you! And hope you're getting some sleep. BTW, I just noticed that the link I shared looks pretty funky. That's what happens when I comment on my phone I guess. Here's the right one

      Hope there's something useful in it for you. I went through years of sleep deprivation too and am paying for it now.