Sunday, May 24, 2015

I'm going up front Mommy. I miss you Mommy.

Andrew did the cutest and funniest thing in church this morning. It absolutely made my day! Trenton had a bad episode during services so I took him to a class that is connected with the main auditorium. There is a huge window in the classroom so I can still see what was taking place in church. When Trenton started screaming and kicking me, I turned to Andrew and said, "Stay with Grandma and Amanda." Grandma (preachers wife who adores the boys and she refers to herself as their grandma so it just stuck.) Grandma and Amanda sit with us every Sunday. Anyway, a few minutes after Trenton and I left it was the part of services where all the kids go up front and a member of the church talks to them for a few minutes. Well, Andrew was not going up front until he told me a few things.
Amanda led him to the end of the pew and pointed for him to go up front with the rest of the kids. Andrew turned and looked at the window where he saw me and said, "I'm going up front Mommy. I will miss you."
I nodded and smiled at him.

Andrew walks one more step forward and turns around and yells, "Mommy I am going up front. I love you Mommy. I miss you." Again, I smile and pointed for him to go up front.
By this time all of the other kids are up front waiting for Andrew who is still in the back of the church.

Again, Andrew stops and turns around, "Mommy do you hear me? I am going up front. I miss you Mommy." He kept on repeating this while standing still in the aisle.
By this time the entire congregation is looking at Andrew smiling and laughing. Then everyone looks at me and I am just smiling from ear to ear trying not to laugh.

An elder from the church walked up to him and he walked him up front and the entire time Andrew was saying, "I'm going up front Mommy. I miss you Mommy."

It is times like this where my heart just melts! How did I get so lucky to call him my son?!?!?!?

Andrew giving a thumbs up to our morning at church!


  1. How absolutely adorable. I bet your heart just melted.

  2. I am sure it did, Barb!! It sure made my day when I heard about it!!! Little "A" can be such a hoot!! He does and says the funniest things!!!!
    Love it!