Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

Despite the fact that Trenton had some MAJOR sensory problems this weekend, he gave me the perfect Mother's Day gift...he slept!  Both boys have slept great for the past 4 days. I could not have asked for a better gift!!!

However, it has been painful to watch Trenton manage his sensory problems this weekend. Trenton has sensory modulation disorder. I have talked about this before but not for awhile. It is where he changes from day to day what his body needs. It is so very unpredictable! One day he is vestibular seeking but the next day he may be tactile seeking. The following week he may avoid auditory but need proprioception. It is very hard to manage and meet his needs.

If you answer yes to the following questions, then your child has modulation disorder along with his sensory disorder.

Do you have a child who quickly switches from being a sensory seeker to a sensory avoider?  Is your child super unpredictable and quick to meltdown?  Does your child get easily frustrated at the tiniest of things?  Does your child seem to do ok with a certain sensory situation one day, and not the next? Does your child quickly switch from engaging in a sensory activity, to then sensory overload? Does your child have difficulty maintaining "ready state" (either too lethargic or too alert and active)?
This weekend Trenton had a hard time feeling his body. Also, he needed a lot of oral input. He was seeking oral stimulation non-stop. He actually chewed on his chewies that he has not had to use in a long time. Also, he licked his arms and hands constantly. It was his "self stimulatory behavior" this weekend. He licked his dvds a lot too. He constantly licked his hands and would touch an item and lick his hands again. This is a common trait of people with autism. Due to Trenton's cluster of behaviors because of his modulation disorder, he does not constantly do this. I can always guarantee he goes through a phase at least twice a year where he needs oral stimulation.

Despite his sensory problems that controlled our Saturday, he slept and it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I even got some morning snuggles!!!!!!!

My two amazing little boys! I am so blessed to be their mother and call them my sons!

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