Friday, May 15, 2015

Potty Training Update

Potty training Trenton is a very difficult task! We have made progress since Monday. On Monday he fussed and kicked me every time it was time to go to the bathroom. Now at the end of the week, he will stop and go to the bathroom for me with no fight!!!!!!!!! The same goes for Harsha. He follows his schedule and goes to the bathroom there with no fight!!

The amount of time we are in the bathroom is very little. He absolutely will not sit anymore than  30 seconds on the toilet. After 30 seconds he will start squirming, make his fussy noises and start kicking. We do not want him to get to where he does not like the bathroom. Therefore, he sits for 30 seconds and we praise and celebrate that!! Just another example of how we celebrate the small things:)

However, on Thursday evening we celebrated big time in this house. Trenton peed on the potty!!!!! It was just a few drops but it was huge to us!!! He was so proud of himself and I was more than proud of him!!! It was definitely a great thing to witness and smile about after hearing a very sad situation with Trenton that day at Harsha. Earlier in the day after he peed his pants at Harsha he started crying and said, "sorry." When his therapist told me this, it broke my heart in a million pieces! He knows so much but his body just does not allow him to do things. He knew at that moment that he should not have peed in his underwear but he did. He was upset with himself and cried.....and said sorry! That situation is huge on so many level....He realized he messed up......He said "sorry" when he realized he messed up.....he was much to celebrate in that one situation. It was happy and sad tears!

Keep up the hard work T-man!!! I will continue to work hard on this with you as well as your coaches and therapist at Harsha!!

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