Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sleep & Teeth

I love watching him sleep! He looks adorable doesn't he?!?!?

Below is where he fell asleep last evening.
 Another rough night. He did fall back to sleep around 4:45 AM this morning after waking up at 1:40 AM. I can't believe he fell back to sleep after only being awake for 3 hours. The below picture is him at 4:45 AM. I did not dare move him. He slept there till he woke up at 6:15 AM.

I am excited to report that Harsha is working with him on brushing his teeth. They recently introduced it to him and it is part of his daily routine there. Right now he is completing the last step in the brushing teeth task analysis.

Task analysis is the analysis of how a task is accomplished, including a detailed description of both manual and mental activities, task and element durations, task frequency, task allocation, task complexity, environmental conditions, necessary clothing and equipment,.

The first step in brushing your teeth, "picking up the toothbrush" requires the behaviors of locating the toothbrush, reaching toward it, grasping it, turning the bristles upward, etc.  How small you decide to make the steps will depend on your best guess as to how well the student will be able to remember, understand, and perform the process and the sequential steps.  Some individuals will display the desired behavior after only 5 steps being provided for them to follow.  Others would need 20 increments in order to become competent in that action.

     Task analysis is used most often with those who have problems mastering complex behaviors such as autism.

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