Friday, May 15, 2015

The Bouncin Barn

Another fantastic day having fun with Andrew!!

Andrew and I went to a few stores today, a rummage sale, lunch, and then the Bouncin Barn. The Bouncin Barn was a HUGE hit! I guarantee we go back there numerous times in our future.

Despite the fabulous day, we did have four big mishaps. The first incident happened at the rummage sale. I did not think in my wildest dreams he would attack a child twice at the sale but he did. Andrew did not like the little girl looking at a toy so he tackled her. The mother was very nice, thank goodness!

At the Bouncin Barn he hit two different girls and made them cry. We barely escaped him hitting another girl but I made it to him in time and that particular girl took off running to her parents just in time escaping Andrew. Plus, he kicked a boy. I did not see him kick this little boy because it took place at top of one of the bounce houses. This little boy came up to me about ten minutes after it happened with his father. The boy pointed to Andrew sitting next to me and said, "That is the boy that kicked me Daddy He kicked me a lot." I talked to the little boy and his father. The father of that little boy found me about a half hour later and was about the nicest anyone has ever been to me. This father said, " I am so sorry that your son has autism. Don't worry about a thing. It's bothering me now."

I smiled and said, "It is okay, I am use to the craziness of taking him out in public. I do it because he needs to learn how to be around other children because he is getting worse socially. He is nothing like his brother who has severe autism." The man's face dropped and said, "Oh I am so sorry that you have two with autism. I know that mild and severe are nothing alike."

We continued to talk off and on for about ten minutes. It was great to talk to him. He was so very nice and understanding about the entire situation with Andrew. I just loved the fact that he was  a man who was so empathetic to the whole situation and wanted to talk to me about it.

I tried to get Andrew to understand what he did in every situation but I could tell it did not register with him. Also, I tried to get him to tell everyone that he was sorry but he would not. He just yelled, "I am not sorry." One time he said, "I can't say sorry."

Despite all of that we had a fun time when Andrew was not hitting or attacking other children.

He was cheesing so much in this picture he looks like he is in pain...ha!

Daddy came by for a short bit to watch him play before work!!

They had a great time tonight playing in the sandbox.

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  1. I LOVE his giant cheese smile. Boy gives it 100%. And congratulations on the potty training. Sounds like things are moving along.