Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Trenton Update

I posted a week or so ago that Trenton was licking his hands and other items. The licking continues. However, he mainly licks his hands and it is very frequent. He will lick his hands, touch his feet, and touch his knee. I assume it is a new self stimulatory behavior due to tactile sensory problems. He also licks his dvds before he hands them to me to put in the dvd player. It will be interesting to see how long this behavior last.
Despite his licking problem, he sure did have a great time at Harsha today!

We continue to work hard at potty training. We are still working on trying to sit on the toilet for 30 seconds. He still continues to have all accidents. All I can say is that it is  a very long road ahead of us to get him trained.

After a horrific week of staying up late with bizarre behavior, he has now went to bed the past two nights early....and we are up really early.....but I would much rather wake up and start my day at 3 AM rather than not sleeping at all.

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