Saturday, May 2, 2015

Trenton's Harsha pictures from the week

Despite the lack of sleep which never seems to have an effect on Trenton, he had a great week at Harsha!

Trenton told his coach, "thank you" spontaneously twice at lunch this week. He also said, "thank you" at home a few times this week while he was pacing. Sometimes I think he replays things in his head and practices his words:)
He spontaneously said, "mommy" a few times at Harsha.  Plus he had several great manding sessions. ( this is where he is requesting an item.)
They did a great job capturing some awesome pictures of him this week during his sessions!!

Harsha has a new fenced in yard! I am excited that the boys will be able to go out and play! Trenton loved going outside there this week. Every day this week Andrew kept asking me, "can I play there Mommy?" when he would look at the fence while dropping/picking Trenton up. I know Andrew will love it next week when he can go outside at Harsha too!!!

 Love the look on his face in this picture!

 Love his smile in this picture!!!

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