Saturday, May 23, 2015

We need no words

It is painful to watch Trenton fall asleep on some nights. Tonight was one of them. He was beyond tired and his body wouldn't let him fall asleep. He would lay still for a few seconds and then he would scream and kick his legs. He kicked me countless times. I wondered if his legs had the ant feeling like some kids like Trenton get. I don't know.
As his silent tears fell, so did mine. He stopped and looked at me in the eye for a few seconds. No words were spoken just our locking eyes. He didn't have to verbally speak, I knew what he was saying. Trenton and I have that connection. He does not have to speak, I know from the look in his eye. He was saying, "Mommy make it go away. I want to sleep. Help Mommy."

It was amazing when we finally went to sleep. He was finally out of that misery...for awhile!

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