Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Always a roller coaster ride...always!

When one boy sleeps well at night, the other one doesn't. That seems to be the story of my life. However, Andrew's sleep issues are much different than Trenton's until last night. Trenton was sleeping so well last night after he finally went to sleep at 10:30. I finally got to bed around 11:00 and Andrew was up at 11:30. I got him back to sleep shortly after and he was up again at 12:30 and did not go back to sleep until 4:15 AM!!!! He was tired but not tired enough to go to sleep. 

Andrew worked so hard for almost four hours of trying to go back to sleep. I have no doubt that we laid on the couch...then on the loveseat...then in his bed....then on the floor....then in the rocking chair....at least 20 times. It was as if we were playing musical chairs. Andrew has done this before but it has been a very long time since it was this bad. I hope that it was just a fluke!!!

As always I was very tired this morning. My nights, even though I am up most of the night, always seems to go so fast. I never feel "well rested". Those days are over with for me. Nonetheless, I start my day with the boys as if I slept well.  We always have a million and one things to do so slacking can not be a part of our day.

Trenton had an appointment with his psychiatrist first thing this morning. His hyperactivity, impulsive and aggressive behavior just keeps on getting worse. We tried the "no medicine" route but now I am ready to try medicine again. We have our new prescription and we start it tomorrow!!!

On our way to Trenton's appointment, I went through my usual conversation with the boys on how they had to be good because it was just mom and them. As always, Andrew is listening very closely and repeating back on how good he had to be. Once we arrived at the doctors office, I was excited and happy that Trenton was not crying this time. He knew right where we were and said, "doctor" once we walked in. Trenton paced up and down the waiting room making his anxious noises. He would occasionally go in the little play area where Andrew was at and then he would pace up and down the waiting room again. We had not been there very long and Andrew runs up to me holding his bottom and said, " I need to make snakes Mommy." (That is our code name for going number 2)

I take Andrew to the bathroom that was connected to the waiting room, thank goodness! I stepped outside and watched Trenton while Andrew was taking care of his business. A few minutes later I hear, "I am done Mommy."
I step back in the bathroom and help him wipe and pull up his pants. We wash our hands and out the bathroom we go. As soon as we walked out of the bathroom, Andrew says, "I need to make bubbles Mommy."( That is our code name for going number 1.)
At the same time he said this, the doctor was ready for Trenton. I told Andrew to be a big boy and go in the bathroom by himself and when he was finished to say my name great big so I knew to come and get him. Andrew agreed.

I stood in the hallway talking to the doctor through the doorway leading to her office so I could hear Andrew. As we were talking, Trenton was pacing up and down her office touching everything and climbing up on everything in sight. Finally I hear, " I am done Mommy." as Andrew comes running down the hallway with no socks, no shoes, no underwear, and no pants. He had only his shirt on running through the doctor's office as if he owned the place.
I apologize and go running to find his clothes. I find them and run back to her office and she is trying to control Trenton from climbing up on everything and Andrew who is naked from the waist down.

I get Andrew dressed and apologized again. I finished talking to her and we decided on a medication. As I was rounding the boys up, she looked at the boys and said, "Oh your poor Mommy. I have no idea how she does this daily. You two give her a run for her money."
She looked at me and said, " I hope this medicine helps Trenton. It will help you so much if it works. You have your hands full"
I said, "My hands are more than full and this is a good day. Their behavior here today was good for me. I was just thinking of how smoothly this went today."

The look on her face was priceless! What is normal and good to me is absolute chaos to others. I am just so used to the hyper active, impulsive behavior that it simply does not phase me anymore. I am reminded on certain days, like today, that I do handle more than what most people could never imagine.

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