Monday, June 15, 2015


Trenton gave himself a huge scratch on his nose Sunday. After the incident happened, he was very upset for awhile.
I noticed this morning that his nose scabbed over the night. Tonight, he picked the scab off and his nose started bleeding and it sent him over the edge. He cried for over 40 minutes. As his scratch continued to bleed, he continued to go ballistic. He didn't want me to comfort him. He would hit and kick me away every time I tried to comfort him. He could not stand the fact that his nose was bleeding. It was a terrible scene to witness for over 40 minutes. It pulled at every heart string that I had. His screams made my anxiety go up very time. His upset noises was high enough to crack through glass. His tears were saddening to watch. He could not calm down! All of that because of a scratch that was bleeding.

I have been criticized before because I am very cautious with  the boys. WE WONDER WHY?!?!?!? If a tiny scratch and blood can send Trenton into a 40 min meltdown, then what would a broken arm do? How would he handle a cast? What would a cut that was deep enough to have stiches do? Accidents can happen before you know it. I have witnessed Trenton like this on several occasions and it has always been over something small that hurt or got him upset. I simply can not imagine what he would be like if something major happened to him such as a broken bone or stitches. As an autism parent of a child with severe autism, I have to think ahead and be as cautious as possible! PERIOD!

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