Friday, June 26, 2015


I am so tired of all of this rain lately that I could just scream! It sure has made a huge damper in what I can do with Andrew on Wednesdays and Fridays. Although, after today I am not sure on what I want to venture out to do with Andrew anymore. His behavior is so unpredictable. I failed to mention in my post on Wednesday about his behavior. I don't think Andrew responded once to me calling his name on Wednesday and that carried over to today as well. At one moment on Wednesday Andrew had three adults other than me yelling his name to try to get him to stop running. Today, it was the same thing.

I took Andrew to Bogey's before we picked up Trenton. Bogey's is a family fun center. Although I think they have much more to do outside than inside but it was a place to take him so he can play inside sense it was raining again. To be honest, I wish I never even took him. I will forgo all of the stuff that happened before the "big" episode. Well, I will just say Andrew never responded to his name, hit lots of kids, hit lots of adults, and ran away from me several times.

I was on the verge of taking him and leaving before the "big" episode happened. Andrew was in the play area going wild with all the other hand full of kids. I guess Andrew didn't like what a little boy was doing and Andrew just started hitting him. The kid started screaming. I could not get in the play area since I was an adult so I was trying to get Andrew's attention. The boys parents started yelling at Andrew and I think all eyes were on us. Andrew finally stopped and I explained to the parents that he didn't know how to play with kids properly due to his autism.

I turned my back to grab my purse because I had all that I could take at the moment. Everyone in Bogey's was watching Andrew like a hawk. As my back was turned I heard the most horrible blood curdling scream from a little girl. My heart dropped because I knew it had to be Andrew and it most definitely was. Andrew was on top of a little girl kicking her in the face with his feet and he was not stopping. The next thing I knew he was pulling her hair too. I yelled, " Stop Andrew." and took off running in the play area. As I was running to the play area, the little girls father who just so happened to be the father of the boy that Andrew just attacked came running at me yelling at me. The father had a look that could kill. He screamed, "Get your son off of my daughter and control him."

I yelled, "He has autism. I am sorry."

Before I could reach Andrew, the mother of the little girl had already pulled her away from Andrew. I grabbed Andrew. I apologized to the family again and made sure the little girl was ok and we were out the door. Everyone...and I mean everyone in Bogey's was watching Andrew and I leave. Between the father yelling at me and me yelling back. It grabbed everyone's attention.

To make matters worse as we were walking out the door, Andrew took off running in the parking lot not paying one bit of attention to his surroundings and jumped in the biggest puddle of water.  I was yelling for him to stop but he never once paid attention to me. Andrew was soaked from his waist down. He just sat down right in the middle of the puddle and made me wade through it to get him.

Andrew has made such huge gains the past year but in a few areas I have noticed a decline in his behavior. I tend to notice it more when he is in a public place with a lot of commotion going on. I just don't think his brain processes all the stimuli very good and he blocks a lot out which would be the reason for him not responding to commands and his name.

Whatever the reason is, I don't plan on stepping foot back in Bogey's any time soon!

If that was the only thing that happened in my day, it wouldn't be so bad. However, I have listened to Trenton have a meltdown for the past hour. All evening I was pulling the boys off of each other from fighting and hitting. Neither boy knows how to stop and control their anger. My chest feels like it could explode from all of the stress and anxiety today. I can't hire help fast enough!!!!!!

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