Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Fun Filled Wednesday!

The library did not have any story time classes during the month of May. Today was the first class for Andrew's age group for the summer. I was hesitant on taking him since Andrew's behavior got a bit rocky during story time before. However, I decided to take him. He needs to be around kids as much as he can.
As I expected, he didn't pay a bit of attention to the story. He was too distracted by all the other kids and their parents. Yes he hit a few kids again.  Nonetheless, he needs to go and I enjoy helping him as much as I can! In fact, I had a great conversation with a grandmother today about her grandson. I absolutely love talking autism to others and love when I can help others:)

Andrew was very excited when we walked into the library and saw all of their superhero decorations. The theme for the summer is superheroes! Andrew loved the big Spiderman!

 After our class this morning, Andrew was my lunch date.Then we  headed to the pool! Andrew is not a lover of water. He went under the water twice two years ago and ever since then he is very hesitant around water which is very unusual for kids with autism.

Andrew spent most of his time out of the pool. When he got in the water, I had to have a death grip on his whole body. I think I heard twenty times, "Don't let me go under."

He loves the idea of swimming but is very hesitant when he has the opportunity. I am excited for him to have private swim lessons which start this Friday afternoon! It is important for everyone to learn how to swim. Since individuals with autism are wanderers and are normally drawn to water, it will make me feel so much better if I can get him to learn how to swim!
 Andrew's favorite part was the sprinklers! The sprinklers were only on for about ten minutes during the two hour period we were at the pool. However, the ten minutes of sprinkler time was fantastic! I loved watching him smile and laugh in the sprinklers.

 We had so much fun together today. I absolutely love doing "normal" family things with Andrew. When my mother first told me she thought we needed to move, I thought she was crazy. However, I have realized she was very smart in her thinking. She told me we would have the opportunity to do family functions with Andrew while Trenton was at Harsha and enjoy things. She was absolutely correct! I am taking full advantage of every opportunity that I get! Taking Andrew places is by no means a cake walk. He has lots of issues and it is very difficult at times. However, when compared to is a cake walk. Mild autism is a cake walk compared to severe autism!

He is giving a thumbs up to a good time at the pool with Mom!

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  1. Nana is so glad you had such a good day together!! You deserve it!!!!