Sunday, June 7, 2015

Funday Sunday!

After church today, I wanted to do something with the boys. We were home all day on Saturday except for our van ride to get slushies and ice cream. Unfortunately, there is very little that I can do when it is just me and the boys. Severe autism leaves a family with few options. However, I was determined to try something. Daddy was home sleeping because he worked some overtime this weekend which we are very grateful for. He hasn't worked any overtime the past few weeks and it is nice when he gets the chance to work extra hours because it helps tremendously. I really wanted to keep the house quiet so he could sleep. After much thought, the only thing I could think of was the very small park south of town. It is off of a busy highway but it has a closed in fence. My idea was to get the boys a happy meal after church and drive by the park. I did not mention it to the boys because if I drove by and people were there I was not going to attempt it. It is very difficult to attempt things by myself with the boys and I was not going to attempt that by myself for others to watch and judge.

Fortunately, there was no one there! I was so happy my idea was successful! The boys had a great time eating their happy meals and playing in the park. I had a nice talk with Andrew before we got out of the van explaining to him that he had to be a big boy and obey me so I could stay close to Trenton. I guess Andrew really listened and wanted to be Mr. Independent because as I was taking care of Trenton with my back turned to Andrew, I hear Andrew say, "Mommy look at me. I'm peeing all by myself." I turn around and see Andrew with his underwear and pants on the ground with his shirt hiked up to his chin with a flow of urine coming out of him that looked like the St. Louis Arch. All the while, car after car was zooming past him on the busy highway.

"Andrew!!! You are not suppose to do that in public." I said running to him.
" I know Mommy but I don't see a toilet anywhere." he said flashing me his dimples.

I wonder how many people saw naked Andrew urinating on a playground?!?!? I am sure several people did including the neighbor across the street that was watching us from his porch.

Trenton had fun taking pictures with me. He loves to look at himself in the camera.

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  1. Boys will be boys!!!! lol!!!!! Love it!!! That's the country boy in you, little A!!!!!!