Thursday, June 25, 2015

New Medicine

I have to say that after two days of this new medicine, it is working better than anything Trenton has ever been on!! He appears to be a little calmer. His coaches at Harsha Cognitive Center has noticed the change as well.  When I picked the boys up today, Trenton waited for me patiently while I spoke to a few of his coaches. It was the best that he has ever waited for me.

While at Harsha today, he requested to go to the restroom and waited for approximately 5 minutes until the restroom opened up and he voided in the toilet!! Way to go Trenton!!!!

He always fights me at home when we go to the restroom. Tonight, he sat on the toilet better than he ever has at home! I am keeping my fingers crossed that it continues!!

Here are a few pictures from today at Harsha.
I love my little speller!!!

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  1. Trenton has always been a "problem solver". If you don't have enough "E"s... use a number 3 backwards!!!!... love it!!! You are so smart little T!!!!!!