Thursday, June 4, 2015

New Play Set!

Harsha got a  swing set and the boys love it! They had a blast today playing outside there!

 I love how he smiles!!!

 I love when they get to play with each other while at Harsha.

I always ask the boys how their day was on our way home from Harsha. Andrew always tells me all about his day. I, of course, ask Trenton but get no response. Most of the time, Andrew will tell me a thing or two about Trenton's day. It is very sweet! I tell Andrew all the time to watch out for his brother wherever they are. I think Andrew understands that Trenton is unable to tell me. Andrew may have his issues in life but I think he will always watch out for his brother!

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  1. I love this......I was hoping Harsha would put in a play set for the kiddos!!!!!