Wednesday, June 3, 2015

OT Evaluation & More

Early this morning, Trenton had an occupational evaluation done at a pediatric therapy clinic in Terre Haute.  Ever since we moved, I have just been focusing on Trenton's 35 hours of ABA. When he saw his child's psychiatrist a few weeks ago she highly recommended that I also get Trenton in OT & ST again. She is right. Not only does he need ABA, but he also needs OT & ST.

As I expected, Trenton cried from the time we walked in until his name was called to go back. I HATE taking him to new places because his anxiety is heart wrenching to watch. Within minutes, the therapist asked me, "Wow. Is he always like this? He can't stop moving. His impulse behavior is really bad and he has so much anxiety." She was absolutely floored by his behavior. I guess I am so used to his behavior because I was so surprised that she noticed it. She sees several kids with autism. I just expected it to be "the norm" for her.

After she finished her testing on him we had a good conversation about autism. She admitted that Trenton's autism appeared very severe. We discussed realistic life goals for him that she hoped to work with him with. The unfortunate thing is we are having a major scheduling conflict. I am not sure what we will do at this point. The way the therapist talked, it is going to be a long time before we can have a set time each week to go to her. I do not want to take him out of ABA to go to OT. So....not sure right now on what we are going to do.

Trenton goes for a speech evaluation in two weeks. We will see what she say and what her schedule looks like.

Trenton went on to have a great day at Harsha! His potty training is going very slow. We have a few successful trips but we also have lots of accidents. He is more successful with his therapist than he is with me. However, we are still working on it and it appears that we will be for a VERY LONG TIME..

I just loved getting this picture text today of Trenton smiling on the potty! He was so distressed  this morning  and to see him happy makes Mommy happy!

 When I dropped Trenton off today at Harsha, I stayed for a few minutes talking to one of his therapist about his OT evaluation. Trenton must have been afraid I was going to stay and watch him. He walked right up to me, waved and said "bye" and pushed me towards the door! It was so cute:)

Later in the day, Andrew and I met up with Stephanie and her kids. I graduated high school with Stephanie and have know her since Elementary school. She lives close to Terre Haute and I have seen her a few times since we moved.
Andrew is enjoying a swing ride with one of Stephanie's girls.
 Andrew was very excited to have friends to play with today at the park. However, he made his mark by pushing, hitting, and kicking several kids today...UGH!

Both boys were excited to get a card with stickers in it in the mail today! Their awesome cousin, Nikki, sent them a little gift for working so hard these days!
Thank you!!

 Andrew immediately wanted to place some of his new stickers on the window in his side of the van. He likes to have his side of the van decorated. I have tried several times to take his decorations down but he does not like it at all when I do that.

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  1. That was so thoughtful of Nikki!!!! What a sweet surprise for the boys!!!! I love it that Trenton used his words! Keep up the good work, T!!!!
    Little "A" loves to have friends to play with, but we are going to have to work on his behavior!!!! So glad Stephanie came! I hope after today, she will come again!