Friday, June 12, 2015

Pictures from Harsha

Here are a few pictures of Trenton from Harsha this week! He is so happy there!!!

He was in a slap happy mood that day!
Showing his therapist his muscles!!

I love this picture! I look at these pictures and no one would ever guess that he had a severe disability.
This morning when I dropped off Trenton he cried hard for several minutes. It is something that he does not do when he knows he is going to Harsha. It was very unlike him. As he was crying in the waiting room, he tried really hard to tell me something. It breaks my heart like no other to see him crying like he did today and not be able to tell me why. Thank goodness, he got better and had a successful day! One of his therapist was so good to keep me informed all day. It is so nice to know that the boys are in the best hands ever while they are there!! Not only do they keep me informed throughout the day but each and every one of them truly show their love and passion for their job!

He got happy when he started spelling his words to his therapist:)
I can't tell you how many times I have spelled nose, eyes, mouth, skin, ears, and feet the past month!

I am just soaking up all the expression of love that Trenton is showing me lately. If you look closely in the picture below, Trenton is holding up a sign that says, "I love you". While he was working with his therapist she wrote the I then he told her to write "love you. Then he said to himself, " I love Mommy."

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