Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Speech Evaluation & Boucin Barn

We had a really good Wednesday!

First thing this morning, Trenton got an evaluation by his new speech therapist. Andrew went with us and as always, I was nervous. I knew how bad our Tuesday morning was and I was hoping we were not going to have another morning like that at therapy.

On the way there, I talked to Andrew the whole entire time explaining that Mommy had to be with Trenton during the session so he had to sit and be quiet. Well, let me tell you how proud I was of Andrew. He sat and was very quiet. He watched Trenton play with the speech therapist for over 45 minutes and never once asked to play with a toy. I was so proud of Andrew. He was a very good boy today!

We arrived home the same time Grandma, Aunt Chris, and cousin C.J. arrived. I was very excited that Daddy got up and cleaned up the breakfast mess that I had to leave behind this morning because there was not enough time to clean up the kitchen plus get the boys and myself ready after another hellish night with little sleep. (I fear bad nights are just in the rest of our life.)

Anyway, we all went to the Bounce Barn and had a great time together!

 Then we headed home and the boys continued to have fun together! Family days are always fun times!!

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  1. So glad the cousins had a good time together!!!! They both look so happy!!!