Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Three Magical Words

While the boys and I were outside playing this evening, I heard the most amazing words come out of Trenton's mouth. I was standing about 3 inches from him and his back was turned to me. I was admiring Andrew play while listening to the noises that were coming out of Trenton's mouth. I love to listen to his noises. I can tell so much from his noises and I can even catch a word or two in his noises.
 Today, I heard the magical 3 words, I love you. The words just flowed out of his mouth while he was making his noises. I have now idea if he was telling me that he loved me or if he was just saying it because I tell him countless times daily. It doesn't matter, what matters is I heard him say, "I love you" spontaneously while standing next to me!

After I heard him say it, I went crazy! I picked him up and gave him tons of kisses and he was just smiling away. He knew what he said and I think he did say it to me:) I have got lots of spontaneous hugs from him too this week!!! It just melts my heart when he has moments like that!!!

I love you Trenton James! Always and Forever!!!!


  1. sweet! I have no doubt he knew exactly what he was saying!!! LOVE IT!!!!!