Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Video of an Autism Tantrum

I have had several people ask me to post a video and I have not done that in a long time. Lately, I have had a lot of college students use my blog for assignments and studies. With all the said, I decided to post a video. Some times videos can be more educational than words. When I was a student, I learned a lot from watching videos of special needs kids.

The video I am posting tonight is a very short clip of what Trenton's meltdowns are like these days. I am not sure to call this a meltdown or just one of his tantrums because it only lasted about 15 minutes total. The video shows the last 5 minutes of his tantrum. This is a mild tantrum. I can't bring myself to post one of his severe tantrums or severe meltdown. On many of days, what you will see in the video last for 45 minutes to one hour long and that is what I consider to be a meltdown.

What you see in the video is what I deal with almost daily from Trenton. I deal with this behavior at night when he is up.....I deal with it in the evening the morning time. This is also similar behavior that happens when I try to take him to a restaurant, store, or any place. I have dealt with this at church and at therapy. You name it....I have dealt with this behavior there almost weekly and some weeks it is daily. The worst  is dealing with this behavior at night or dealing with this behavior all day the next day after being up all night managing this behavior.

If you can watch this video and judge an autism mom, like me, who deals with this daily from the child she gave birth to....then shame on you! Please walk a mile in my shoes!! Watch the video and put your child's head on Trenton and then see what you would feel like.

On many nights I deal with this at the same time Andrew wants me. If I can't give them both my undivided attention then all hell breaks loose.....literally! How am I suppose to deal with this daily while maintaining a home life? How can I deal with this while being sleep deprived? Please tell me!! There is no way a person can watch this and compare my daily role to a normal mother's role. We wonder why I am hiring a person to help!!

At night time, I give Trenton his iPad to try to relax him and keep him calm. Tonight, the iPad didn't even work.

You have to watch the full 5 minutes to get a good idea of his aggressive behavior. The video angle shows his back when he runs into the wall full force. If the video was on his side, you would get  a much better and scarier picture of what it is like when he runs into the walls.

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  1. Although I have witnessed these episodes many times, it never gets easier to watch!! Breaks Nana's heart. I think he was trying to communicate something to you and couldn't. How horrible would that be?! I can't imagine.