Monday, July 6, 2015

Adult Bullies

Last week Andrew and I were waiting in the check out lane at Wal-mart. I wasn't paying attention to the cashier or the people ahead of me. I had not even looked up. I was focused on Andrew. While I was enjoying talking to Andrew, I heard the cashier talking to the people ahead of me. I could tell instantly that he had something wrong with him by the way he spoke. Actually, I am almost positive that he was on the autism spectrum. A large percentage of individuals on the spectrum talk in a very distinctive manner. I noticed it immediately.

Once I heard him speak, I looked at the couple that he was checking out. I noticed that they looked at him very oddly. I went back to playing with Andrew and waiting our turn. As the cashier was telling the other couple bye, I looked up to see the man turn to his wife and start laughing. I was in a dead stare at this man ready to blow my fuse if I had too.  Andrew started talking to me at this point so I looked down to answer Andrew. Then I heard the cashier say, "Excuse me what did you say to me?" I looked up to see the man and his wife running off laughing hysterically.

For the sake of the cashier and to spare him of embarrassment, I pretended that I didn't notice anything. If I didn't have Andrew sitting in the cart with a lot of groceries to unload, I would have ran after that couple to give them a piece of my mind. However, something told me that it wouldn't have mattered in this situation. A person can tell a lot by peoples mannerisms.

My heart broke for that cashier. I am sure he faces these battles daily! I have thought about this every day since last week. That cashier is someones baby. He is someones son! He has had to face many obstacles in his life. I am sure he was nothing but excited and proud of himself to take a job at Wal-mart! He should not have to go to work worrying about  bullies, let alone adults who are bullies! This could be my child one day! That could be my Andrew or Trenton that someone is making fun of.  Yet again, just another reason why I advocate and educate!


  1. That is sad! .. "Bullying" is not only an issue in schools. It is, indeed, heartbreaking when adults that should know better stoop so low. Is there such a thing as "Karma"? I don't know. If there is, I wouldn't wish autism on anyone. If we don't stand up for our own children and advocate for them..who will? We have to make the public more aware of autism, as well as other disabilites. I would rather be the parent (or grandparent) of a child with autism than the parent/grandparent of a child that would make fun of any individual that has a disability!

  2. Yes, very sad. Unfortunately, many parents don't teach their children (who grow up to be these adults) any respect for others and esp those who might struggle more with daily tasks than others. Still enjoy reading your blog and praying for you & your family!

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