Thursday, July 16, 2015

An Autism Fair Experience

As summer time in the U.S. is underway, so is county fairs. As a child, I loved fair week! I loved going to the fair and getting a corn dog, riding the rides, looking at the animals, and watching the fair queen pageant. I wish I would have realized then that such a simple task was such a blessing to be able to do.

I suppose I will learn my lesson one of these days and stop trying but it is hard to stop. It doesn't matter if I get beat to the curb, I still try. I still try to take Trenton places. This afternoon after I picked the boys and Amanda up, we went straight to the fair so Trenton could see the animals.

I was so proud of the way Trenton held my hand and Amanda's hand. He walked with us and did not try to run away. I have to thank Harsha Cognitive Center for all the hard work and practice that they have completed with Trenton on this task. One year ago, he would not have been able to hold my hand and walk in public. However, he did it tonight and I was so proud. Unfortunately, once we arrived where the animals were, Trenton wanted nothing to do with them. He just wanted to keep on walking. So that is pretty much what we did.

Andrew spotted that some rides were open so while Trenton was still being good, I bought some tickets for some rides. Amanda had Andrew and I had Trenton. Every thing is still great at this point. Trenton spotted an elephant ride so I took him to that ride. There was no line...yay! We got on the ride and he immediately wanted off as soon as it moved. I fought Trenton the whole time to keep him in the ride. If he was by himself, he would have jumped out and either got hurt or killed.

As the ride stopped, he was crying. At this point, I knew my good times were done. Next, he spotted one of those games where you play and win a stuffed animal. This is where the bad turned ugly.

Trenton immediately went into a meltdown. He was saying, "Tiger." over and over and over. I tried to explain that they weren't to buy. The lady at the stand asked me if I wanted to play. I responded, "No but I want to buy that tiger."
"Oh those aren't for sale." she says.
"I know but I want to buy it. If I can't where can I buy one?" I asked.
We don't sell any animals here you have to win them." She said.

All the while I am talking to her, Trenton is pulling away from me trying to climb over the game. He is knocking stuffed animals down. I tried over and over to pick him up but he just kept kicking me and screaming. People were looking to see what the scene was. At this point I an not sure if my blood was boiling from all the gawkers or the brutally hot sun.

I managed to find Amanda and Andrew, I told her what as going on. I took Trenton to the car. The whole way to the car he was crying, screaming, and yelling "Tiger. I want Tiger." I have no doubt that he said that almost 100 times. He kept on throwing himself down on the ground. I would force him up to only get hit at again. I had never heard him use his words repeatedly like that!

Finally we made it to the van. I could not take it anymore. My ears could not hear him say, "I want tiger." anymore. My heart was broken for him. He wanted a tiger so bad and couldn't understand why he couldn't have it. I was desperate so I took him to Toys R Us for a tiger. Now, you have to know that I was desperate to take him to a store when he is already having a meltdown. Trenton can not handle stores but I wanted to get him a tiger so bad that I would do anything to make that happen.

I carried him into Toys R Us crying and yes he was still saying, " I want tiger." I took him straight to the stuffed animal section and the tears stopped instantly. He smiled and said, "Tiger" and grabbed it!!!!!!!!! Mommy's heart was happy! Trenton was happy! We even walked out of the store without crying!

 Yes, he even got a parrot.
 He went to bed tonight with his tiger!!!
 So thankful that Amanda took a picture of Andrew enjoying a ride for me:)

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  1. It's such a simple thing....taking your grandchild to the fair. Right? It should be. I was so looking forward to taking Trenton to the fair this weekend!!!! This absolutely breaks my heart! All you grandparents out there....please don't ever take even the simplest "outing" with your grandchild for granted!!!!