Sunday, July 12, 2015

Andrew & Nana

On Friday, Nana came to visit. I told Andrew that morning that Nana was coming and he stayed glued to the couch and window until she arrived!
When she left that night, Andrew cried.
He kept on saying, " I want to go home with Nana. I want to go home to grey house. I want to see Pops" I bet I heard this ten times that night before he fell asleep.
Right before he fell asleep that night he said, "Nana hurt my feelings. She left without me."

He can be so sweet at times and other times his autism really shines through. For instance he told several people today at church, "Don't look at me." He also said, " I don't like you." to people. One time when the whole church was quiet Andrew said, " I don't like people looking at me Mommy."
If he is not in the mood for people, he will give you his mean look and say, "No. Get away."

Of course, his autism really shined through at another part of church today but I may just leave that for a video post later.

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  1. Seeing little "A" watching out that window for Nana's car makes my heart happy and sad all at the same time!!!! We had a good day!!! Miss my babies!!! :(