Saturday, July 11, 2015


Yes, Trenton is in this picture! He feel asleep last night before I had a chance to move all the animals off of his bed:)

 I just love finding rummage sale bargains!!!
I feel like today was the first time in a very long time that the boys spent time with their Dad on a weekend. The weekends have been busy between me taking the boys to Flora last Saturday for the 4th, Daddy was gone a few weekends back(fathers day weekend) in Chicago with his college friends, another Saturday Tim left early for work to do something, and Sundays are never spent together because the boys and I are in church in the mornings. So today was the first day in a month the boys spent time with their Dad on a weekend.  Sometimes Daddy is  busy with work but overtime has been very minimal lately....we just live two separate busy lives I guess!
 Daddy took a selfie
 Andrew was showing Pepper his play doh.


  1. That's such a good picture of Tim and Trenton. Two very handsome men!

  2. And Pepper looks absolutely thrilled with Andrew's Play-Doh...

  3. Mary said what I was going looks like Pepper is looking right at that Play-Doh and listening to Andrew tell her about it!!! lol!!! So cute!!!