Sunday, July 19, 2015


Saturday was such a bitter-sweet day. It was a day full of great times hidden behind a broken heart.

One never gets over the loss of a child. When a parent buries a child, that parent mourns for the rest of their life. Do you put a time limit on a parent to mourn? I don't think so. It is the same for parents with special needs children. A parent never gets over the loss of a healthy neuroptyical child without disabilities. I have heard many professionals say that if a parent claims to not be mourning for the rest of their life then there is something obviously wrong with the parent such as denial. I couldn't agree more. It is human nature to mourn the loss of your child and it is human nature to mourn for your child with special needs for the rest of your life.

On Saturday, Nana, Pops, Uncle Brian, Aunt Mindy, and Lincoln came for a visit. We all went to the fair. I have to say that the fair here is a very nice fair! In the afternoon, Nana and I took Andrew to ride some rides. He had looked forward to the rides the entire week. It was so much fun to walk hand in hand with him and watch him ride the rides. His smile was priceless! I cherished every minute that God gave me with him. I am very thankful and blessed that Andrew was able to enjoy the fair. It is not an easy experience with him by no means due to his mild autism, but to a mother of a child with severe autism, it is very easy.

After we rode some rides, we met the rest of the gang at our house and then we headed back in the evening to watch the demolition derby. Andrew tolerated the derby for one hour and then I had to leave with him. He was more interested in the rides.

All in all, it was a great experience!! I am beyond blessed that I have one child that I can experience this with. I am very thankful for the time that I had with Andrew. On the other hand, my heart hurts for Trenton. I wish his little body would let him do something so simple as going to the county fair. My heart not only breaks for Trenton but it breaks for Andrew. Andrew loved every minute of the fair with Lincoln, his cousin. I have to wonder what it would be like if Andrew could experience that with his brother. I can just picture Andrew's face now smiling and laughing with Trenton.
Sadly, the other morning Andrew asked me why Trenton never told him bye when we drop him off at Harsha on Tuesday and Fridays. I had a nice long talk with Andrew but not sure how much he actually took in.
Trenton had a nice quiet afternoon and evening just like he likes at home:) He was very cuddly this weekend and Nana and Pops loved every minute of it:) He even cuddled with them at church this morning.

Andrew's favorite ride was the motorcycles.

He doesn't look happy here but this was one of his favorite parts from the whole day. He rode a pony twice and asked me at least 5 other times if he could ride them again. If it didn't cost 5 bucks every time I would have let him ride all the day long. Andrew loves horses! My goal in life is to get him a horse!

Having fun waiting for the derby.

The three of us rode the scrambler. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time....what happened on the scrambler....stays on the scrambler!

Waiting for Mommy  and Nana....Pops got some cuddle time.


  1. Sounds and looks like Andrew had the time of his life. The pictures are priceless. Now, about that scrambler.......

  2. Barb - Let's just say, it has been a very long time since this Nana has ridden a Scrambler......but I did not pee my pants!!!! lol!!! :)

  3. We had a great weekend, but like you said, bittersweet...... I so wish we could have taken Trenton. It breaks my heart as well!!!