Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fun Times with Andrew

After our dreadful morning that would have left most people shaking in their legs, Andrew and I had a good day. We made the most of it and enjoyed being "normal" for a few hours.

Story time at the library was a blast! As always, Andrew didn't pay attention to anything but its good to get him around other neurotypical kids.

The kids got to play with a parachute today! Andrew loved it!

I had to take a picture of his name tag. The teacher always has them put a sticker on their name at the end of class and Andrew always puts his sticker right on his name.  I guess when the teacher says, "Put your sticker on your name." he takes it literally.

He did good in his swim lessons today. His ADD is starting to show big time during his swim lessons. His coach is fantastic with him. He is very patient with Andrew and does everything that he can to get him to focus on what he is saying.
Today after Andrew and his coach got out of the water, Andrew looked at his coach and said, "Let's pray." Jesse looked at him and said, "ok".
Andrew folded his hands and said, "Dear Heavenly Father. Thank you for swimming. Amen"
Last week his coach said a prayer to him so today Andrew said the prayer. As we were leaving, Andrew said, " I like Jesse. He prays like me."

 Our new adventure today was taking a very short train ride in Deming Park! While we were on the train Andrew said, "It's like Percy, Mommy." Then he pointed to the conductor and said, "He is like Sir Topham Hatt."
If you watch Thomas and Friends who would understand what Andrew said:)

As always, I loved partaking in what Terre Haute has to offer with Andrew! I love Wednesday and Fridays when we can be somewhat "normal"

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  1. I love the part about the prayer! So sweet!!!! What a wonderful swim coach little "A" has!!!!