Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Our Wednesday!

Another crazy but fun day!

Trenton had speech and occupational therapy the past two mornings. It was difficult but more manageable this week. Both of his therapist had difficult times trying to get him to focus on the task at hand.

I tried to take Andrew to the library like we normally do on Wednesdays. We walked in to the library but Andrew refused to go into story time. We watched all the other moms and dads walk their kids to story time but Andrew refused to go in. We sat outside the classroom while he was having one of his "Andrew moments" for 20 minutes and then we finally left.

He kept on telling me that he didn't want to do swimming lessons but I was able to get him to go to his lessons. He was not very focused. His coach had a hard time to get him to focus on his task. Andrew refused to do a few things but he did practice his kicks and floating!

We had a good lunch and then we went to Wal-mart. Andrew had two tantrums in Wal-mart that consisted of laying flat on his back in the middle of the aisle refusing to get up. When I picked him up he screamed and hit me. He did this twice and refused to obey any orders I gave him.

Andrew definitely had a tough day. On the other hand, we practiced a few things while we were out and about and he followed and listened well. We practiced looking both ways before walking in the parking lots. We talked about holding hands when traffic is around. He refused to get in the cart so we talked about walking by Mommy and not running away. There is always something to teach the boys! Stuff like that does not come natural for Andrew. So I am always glad to turn moments into teachable moments:)

We ended our day by getting a haircut before we picked up Trenton. I tried to cut Andrew's hair last night but he was not cooperating. He has always cooperated for cuts before. I tried again today and he didn't want me to cut it. Therefore, he got is first cut in a salon today! He did fantastic!

While Andrew and Mommy stayed busy, Trenton had a great day at Harsha. He is back into his Brainy Baby dvds. These are his items of interest right now:) I love it!


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