Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Thank you!

I was always the one that loved to help others. In fact, I went to school to be a special education teacher because I wanted to help the people in this world that needed help the most. I never imagined that when I graduated with my bachelors in special education that I would end of having my own special needs children.

I have two children with autism. Trenton will be 5 this summer and he has severe autism. Andrew is 3 ½ and he has mild autism. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine having to be helped the way my family has been. We have been blessed with many wonderful people in our lives that have helped us and showed us more compassion than one could ever imagine.

To all of you, who helped me when I needed it the most, thank you! Thank you to the man who jumped my car when I was stranded with Trenton all by myself. Thank you to the woman who gave Trenton a toy after his shot to help calm him down. Thank you to the gentleman who gave Andrew a balloon when he was having a meltdown in Wal-mart. Thank you to each and every therapist who helped me get my boys to and from my car after therapy.  My boys require two adults at all times and having you help me relieved so much stress.

Thank you to the people who have donated funds so my boys could receive the services they need.   Thank you to the ladies at the hotel who smiled and my boys! Thank you to everyone who looked at me and gave me a smile when I needed it the most! Thank you to the gentleman who picked up all the items that Trenton and I knocked down at the grocery store.  Thank you to everyone who acknowledges and speaks to Trenton!

Thank you to the ever so kind nurse that gave Trenton her stethoscope when he was having a meltdown. We still have it to this day.  Thank you to every single person who was there for me and came to my rescue when I needed help. It is beyond stressful to manage two boys with autism and your acts of kindness will be forever grateful.

I have been blessed beyond words from acts of kindness from people. On the other hand, I have encountered my fair share of individuals who did nothing but stare and gawk when I needed help. I have come across my fair share of situations with the boys when I was trying to manage Trenton in public while he was having meltdowns. We have been pointed at, stared at, and talked about. Some of you I have glared at and told you the reason behind my son’s behavior.s Others, I have not wasted my breath. However, to the ones who did not reach out and help, it is okay. You have only made me stronger. You have made me push myself to be an even stronger advocate and educator for my boys. Needless to say, I have to thank you too!

Autism is a hard journey. We would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for the random acts of kindness and the not so kind people.  I look forward to our day each and every day. I just never know what I am going to encounter each day or what my boys will teach me. With that said, thank you Andrew and Trenton, for being the best teachers that I could ever have.

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