Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The good & bad parts of our day

I am very pleased to report that the boys and I had a smooth time today going to and from speech therapy. Today was the first time since Trenton started with his speech therapist that he did not hit her and cooperated very well! It was the first time that he walked out to the van after his session and not me carrying him kicking and screaming. Do you know how exciting this is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So sad but true! I felt like I was on top of the world leaving speech therapy today!

Andrew on the other hand, showed his bad side again today. He did not want to go to story time at the library but I finally got him to walk in. He walked in chewing on his fingers. I have noticed that he does this when he is nervous and when his anxiety starts rising. I kept on talking to him and trying my best to put him at ease. We walk into the class just in time to get started. We sat down and 30 seconds later he stands up screaming. He was screaming so hard he could have shattered glass. He starts yelling, " No library. I'm going." I tried to calm him down but that was not going to happen. All 25 sets of eyes were on us and I am sure they were thinking, "What in the world just overcame that kid."

I just scooped him up and we ran out of the library turning every head in the building as if we were someone famous. I don't think I ever had so many people looking to see what the commotion was going from the bottom floor to the top floor and then all the way to the parking lot. Needless to say......I won't be making an appearance there any time soon.

Andrew gives me a difficult time every morning not wanting to go to Harsha too. I am starting to put two and two together here. I believe things are more difficult for Andrew than we realize. I think he fights anxiety more than we realize. I think he knows that other kids his age can do things that he can't. I think he wants to have friends but does not know how to make them. Therefore, he doesn't want to go to the places that make all of this worse. We really have a long haul ahead of us with Andrew too!

After our disastrous experience at the library, we were off to swimming lessons. I am so thankful he has a patient swim coach. Andrew can not focus and do what he says at all. Then, when his coach finally got him to focus, Andrew is too scared to do it. For instance, his coach was trying to have Andrew jump in the pool today. His coach was trying to stand him up on the edge but Andrew was sticking his legs out as stiff as a dead mouse so he could not stand him on the edge. Unfortunately, he never got him to relax his legs and jump in. Andrew kept on crying, "Mommy. I want Mommy." Swim lessons were not enjoyable for Andrew today and I am afraid they won't be either for a long time.
He only wanted to go to swim lessons in the first place because of his new goggles.

After our crazy morning, Andrew and I met Grandma, Aunt Chris, C.J., and Daddy at the fair. We had a great time eating fair food and looking at the tractors!

 Andrew enjoyed the rabbits but he got really scared at all the other animals.
 He did let me take a picture of him with the sheep but refused to get down and pet them.

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