Monday, July 20, 2015


Trenton had diarrhea this morning at Harsha so he came home and spent the day with Mommy! It was nice to enjoy time with Trenton alone. He loved looking at the camera on my phone. He would say "picture" and touch my phone to let me know that he wanted to take pictures. I love the first picture. I love the grin on his face!

 Once he discovered that you can put my camera on a very dark setting, that is how he wanted it.
 He wanted me to take lots of pictures of him and his dvds.

I don't get much time alone with Trenton these days. It was very nice to have that today. I love to just watch him and wonder what he is thinking as he does his thing. I can't believe in one month he will be 5 years old. It does not seem possible. In the last 5 years I feel like I have aged 20 years due to autism. The progress we have made is so small and slow. The worry of the future is always there. I have casted my cares to the good Lord but it is natural to think about your child's future. It is natural to hurt for your child when you know what their future holds. It is a hurt that I wouldn't wish upon anyone.

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