Friday, July 24, 2015


This year will be our 4th walk for Autism Speaks. I can't believe it is going to be our 4th! It seems like just yesterday I was walking up to my first walk. It was just two short months after his diagnosis and 6 short months after I knew for sure that Trenton had autism. I walked up with tears in my eyes and fought back tears the entire time. The second and third year we walked at STL for the walk I fought back tears. I think I will always fight back the tears on walk day. I'm not fighting back tears because I am sad....its tears of joy, happiness, sorrow, pride, hope, and courage.
I am so honored to say that after three years of this journey, I already have landed a lead role in the walk for autism in Terre Haute.
It is truly amazing how when we put our trust and faith in God that it all works out!

Right after Trenton's diagnosis I felt so helpless. I didn't know what to do or where to go. I went through the stages of grief and then some. Some people stay in certain stages for years upon years. I went through all the stages of grief within that year. It is like a whole new life when you enter into the acceptance stage. When I reached acceptance I also learned how to totally turn my worries over to the Lord. Now don't get me wrong, I still worry about the boys...that is human nature.  Nonetheless, when my cares were totally casted upon the Lord I reached acceptance and our life just took off for the better. One thing lead to another and another and here we are in Terre Haute.

I have done 99% of all the work for the boys therapies, IEP meetings, and everything else that goes into the crazy therapy schedule. My husband is the first to admit that he can't do it. Do I wish he could? Yes, because things would be so much easier and so much less stressful. However, I wasn't in it alone. God took care of me and him and I have fought the battles together and he lead us to Terre Haute where we needed to be! I have never once prayed for things that I wanted for myself since this journey but God knows. Once I reached acceptance I knew I wanted to be a powerhouse in the autism world. I wanted to be a strong voice for not only my sons but for all the precious individuals whose life was robbed from autism. I am fortunate to say that I have landed not only the lead role in the autism walk in Terre Haute but now I am taking part in an interview that will air on the local tv station about autism next week. I have wrote articles for Autism Speaks and The Mighty and I will just say that I have much more bigger hopes in the future.

With all of that said, it is amazing how beautiful you can make your life no matter what the circumstances are when you put your trust in the Lord. This life is nothing but a huge test for each and everyone of us. Some of us get a much bigger and harder test. But when you have the faith, it all works out!

Here is the link to sign up to walk on Two Brothers One Journey on October 3rd.

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  1. AMEN!!! "Let Go and Let God!"...a LOT easier said than done!!! For some reason, I just keep thinking that God needs a little bit of help!