Friday, August 14, 2015

Highlights for T-man!

Trenton has had two fantastic highlights at Harsha last week and this week. Last week he brushed his teeth all by himself one day!!! (This is one thing that he has been working on at Harsha for awhile now.)
Today, he asked for "help" when putting the tunnels together in the picture below. He also randomly said "help" to me last night. Way to go T-man!! Keep it up!!!

Besides his two great highlights at Harsha, he has been doing some other things that he has not done for awhile. Lately, when I ask for a kiss, he will give me a kiss on the lips!!! Normally he leans in to me  for me to kiss him on the check or he  puts his hand on my mouth. This morning when I was trying to get him to tell me that he loves me he did it with me only prompting with "I". I gave him a kiss and said "I" and he said, "Love Mommy."

Here are some great pictures of him at Harsha this week.

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  1. I just LOVE seeing how happy he is at Harsha!!!! It makes Nana's heart happy!!!!