Friday, August 14, 2015

Ledger John

The boys got a new cousin this week. I can't wait to meet him!! I can't hardly stand the fact that I won't be able to meet him for another week!! We are getting lots of pictures of him and Andrew is very proud of him. Andrew has asked me several times the past few days to see a picture of his new cousin. I show him a picture and then he says, "That's my cousin."

Ledger John, I can't wait to meet you!!


  1. I know I am partial...but I have four of the most handsome grandsons!!!!! I can't wait for little A to meet him either! He will be so excited!

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  3. This picture was taken right after Ledger made the biggest mess ever for his Nana to clean up!!! Lincoln was helping me!! lol! He is a proud big brother!!!1