Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Memorial Preschool

Andrew and Mommy attended his preschool orientation tonight. I tried to get Andrew accepted into the public preschool program. However, the public schools start at the age of 4 in Indiana by August 1st.  However, I researched a lot of preschools in the area and found one that I thought would be the best for him. Andrew will start attending Memorial United Methodist Preschool next week. He is in the 3 year old class. I am very excited and nervous about this. Like I mentioned earlier, I attended the orientation tonight and took Andrew with me. While the parents got a brief orientation, the kids met their teachers and did a few activities with them. Andrew's teacher noticed his anxiety and restlessness right away. She said he was hard to engage with and did not want to participate like the other children. Obviously, I told her about his medical diagnosis of mild autism. Andrew did nothing but chew on his hands and fingers the entire time we were there. Andrew is completely different in a one on one setting like he has at Harsha compared to group settings like this.

I believe this is going to be great for Andrew to get him around neurotypical children. However, it is going to be hard. I predict many rough mornings....MANY! I think we are going to give this preschool an eye opening experience!

He was sure happy after his pep talk from Mommy before going tonight!
 In his preschool classroom!


  1. Bless his heart. He does look anxious in his bottom picture.

  2. No doubt it will be hard for Andrew at first, but he will soon love it!!!!! It will be good for him to get the socialization. He may learn the same lesson his Grandpa did on his first day of school...to stay in his seat and not talk!!! lol!!!

  3. Good luck, Andrew! I'm sure you'll love it.