Thursday, August 27, 2015

Picky Eating with Autism

I thought I would talk about a few things tonight that I don't talk about a lot.  As always, there is always so much that I could speak about daily. It is a never ending learning experience raising children with special needs. One area that I seem to pass over is eating habits.

 Up to 70 percent of parents with children on the autism spectrum report problems with excessively narrow eating habits. Often, these tendencies continue into adolescence and adulthood.
Researchers are still trying to fully understand what causes picky eating in many of those with autism and how to intervene to expand food choices

I pack the exact same lunch for Trenton every day. Trenton will eat chicken nuggets from McDonalds only, Oreo cookies and sometimes chocolate chip cookies, goldfish, Little Debbie cakes, and fruit snacks. He goes in and out of periods where he will eat spaghetti, Cheese puffs,  crinkled cut fries only, mozzarella cheese sticks, and applesauce but the applesauce has to be a certain hand held kind only. His fruits snacks have to be Welch's only. He likes the multi-colored goldfish only.

I have to make sure that I have what he will eat in the house at all times. If I am running low on something, I go to the store and always buy his food in large quantities. On some days, he will eat only one thing and eat lots of it.

Every meal at home I always have to make something separate for Trenton. At supper time it is almost always crinkled cut fries or pizza.

When I tell this to some people I get the strangest look and then I am always asked, "What makes kids with autism eat so few things?" The answer is, I don't know and the scientist don't even know.

Andrew is a good eater. He does go through phases where he wants to eat something constantly and then he won't eat it for awhile. I think that is partly due to him having to have a routine and doesn't like to break it. Right now, he wants eggs and pancakes all the time.

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  1. Yes, the picky eating is a big issue for us! Luke eats very limited things too. What I really get tired of are people who say that at their house they aren't a short order cook. They cook one thing and if their child doesn't eat it then they don't eat!!! Very irritating! It's like, no you totally don't understand and obviously don't have a child with special needs. It's a pet peeve of mine! :-) Angie Ellerbeck