Friday, August 28, 2015


I can't win for losing!! No joke! Trenton has slept great the last two nights but I have been up with Andrew. It has taken a very long time for Trenton to fall asleep. In fact for the last two weeks, it takes Trenton 3-4 hours of pacing around the house before he can fall asleep. While he paces he makes his "upset and tired" noises nonstop. The feeling I get once he falls asleep after the rough 3-4 hours is amazing! But yet again, the sensational feeling is short lived because I  live on edge never knowing when he is going to wake up. Nonetheless, once he went to sleep, he slept great! Unfortunately, Little A was up hollering my name every hour the last two night. Andrew normally sleeps better than this. However, he still has a little bit of his cold left over so I am hoping that was all it was.

Never knowing what my night brings, is very stressful! Please folks....Never take for granted the wonderful effects of a good nights sleep. Never!

In an autism doesn't matter where you fall asleep or how you fall asleep.....that is how you are sleeping. I have moved kids too many times and it wakes them up and they are up for the rest of the night. I need my sleep so we sleep everywhere!

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