Sunday, August 2, 2015


Sometimes autism is a huge powerful rain storm and sometimes it is a sprinkle. Sometimes autism is a beautiful sunny day and sometimes it is cloudy day with violet storms all day long. In the real world we have forcasters that can predict our weather. Unfortunately, with autism we do not even have a hourly forecast let alone 10 day forecast. We can only predict it minute by minute which makes doing anything really hard.

This past Friday, I had a fantastic day with Andrew. He had been asking me to take him the Children's Museum ever since we went back in May. I have put it of all summer long until Friday. We went and he had a great time overall. After one hour we left because it was too noisy for him. Andrew is extremely more sensitive to noise than Trenton.
Here are a few pictures from the museum.

Later in the day we went to see some geese per his request:)

As you saw on my previous post, Trenton had a sleepless night. As I was saying in the beginning of this post, you can't predict anything with autism. He had slept great for the past two weeks and then he has a really bad night. Our day started at 12:45 AM on Friday morning. By 12:45 PM, I felt like I had been beat with a stick.
Even though I was tired, I took the boys to Wood River to see some family. Daddy took the dad off of work so it was a good opportunity to spend time with the Conrad family. It had been a very long time since the boys and I have been there. We have not been able to travel anywhere the past two years. Traveling on the road to and from therapies was enough of a struggle. However, the boys are in a period where they are traveling good, Trenton's medicine seems to be helping him and he is overall in a really good phase. Therefore, it was all adding up for the first time in a long time to travel to Wood River.
It was the first time in months that the four of us rode in the same car together. Actually, it was the first time since we have moved to Terre Haute. Wow...all I can say is that it is amazing in the difference when there is two people in the vehicle with the boys. It was fantastic to just drive while Daddy changed the dvds, handed them a snack, etc. When I travel alone and even to therapies, the longer the boys go without getting their "needs" at that moment met, the more likely I am going to have to put up with a huge car fight or tantrum in a moving vehicle. The only hiccup to the travel over was Andrew's nerves. He got himself so worked up going to a new place that he vomited. I truly do believe that Andrew has more nerve and anxiety problems than we realize. The entire car ride he said off and on, "Turn around. I don't want to go."

We spent most of the day at Grandma and Grandpas house with just Grandpa and cousin, Matthew. The house was quiet with no new people so it was perfect for the boys. Trenton is getting to the age where he likes to go to different houses as long as there is not a lot of people there. The same goes for Andrew, he gets more nervous and has anxiety problems with the more people and noise around him.

Later in the day, Grandma and Aunt Liz got home and then we went to cousin, C.J's birthday party.
I am beyond proud of how well Trenton did the whole day. It was perfect to spend most of the day in a quiet house with only two other family members. It really made a huge impact on Trenton's behavior. Trenton continued to do well at the birthday party. He spent most of the time in the pool with Mommy. The pool was a really big pool so it was much harder for him to get out and in all the time which is what he likes to do with smaller pools. Plus, it was a private pool party so there was only approximately 5-6 other people in a huge pool. The whole day just had the right ingredients for Trenton. I am super proud of him!

Then, today was a different story. It is beyond frustrating how things can quickly turn. Trenton and Andrew were doing great until we got to church. Trenton saw something that he wanted and got very mad when he couldn't get it. He cried and had a huge tantrum while church was going on. He hit our family helper, Amanda, in the face. Thank goodness the lady in the pew in front of us gave Trenton a book that captivated his attention for awhile. While Trenton's mood was terrible, Andrew kept telling people he didn't like them and to stop looking at him. Andrew refused to go to children's church and he refused to go up front with the rest of the kids during kid time up front. He told me he was tired of being around people.

Do I know what caused Andrew's behavior today? Yes and no!
It maybe because he had a big day the day before. Andrew loves "new" things. The church that we attend is not so new to us anymore.  Andrew's anxiety problems are getting worse. Therefore, the newness has worn off with a mixture of anxiety and it makes him refuse to go to children's church. Andrew can handle being around people on some days and some days he can't. He normally wants to be alone and has more issues after being around a lot of people . We were around a lot of people yesterday and he isn't as familiar with them as he is Mommy's side of the family. With that said, I believe that is why we had a great day on Saturday and a not so fun day on Sunday. I hate to think what it would have been like if the boys behaved in Wood River like they did today at church. That would have been one brutal 3 hour drive home.

Like I said, it is beyond frustrating when you never know when or how your day can go from great to bad and it turns rather quickly when it does!

Mommy got to play with Matthew. We had fun together!

 Silly Aunt Chris

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