Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Nice Evening

What a perfect evening to eat and play outside!
We love fall around our house!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Honestly, I think Trenton has bonded with Lightning better than any other animal. He wants to check on her every day. He goes to her hutch the second he gets to go outside and says, "bunny."

Monday, September 28, 2015

What Happens to My Children When I Am Gone?

This is my first article that I wrote for After this article was published today, it immediately received great feedback. Almost every parent of a child with severe special needs thinks the same thing but many do not express it. I have chosen to be the voice of almost every special needs parent and to express what we all think. I tell the honest truth! I look forward to my new journey of working with this company.

Was it the moon?

I have many people wondering how the night went....TERRIBLE! We were up the entire night. I was on pins and needles hoping that he would not wake up Andrew. Andrew only woke up once and I managed to get him back to sleep while Trenton  was making havoc on his bedroom.

Trenton has only slept all the way through the night twice in like two months but last night was terrible. I wonder if the Super moon had something to do with it or if his medicine is slowly starting to wear off. I guess time will tell.

The pictures don't do it justice but in these pictures are a whole bag of cookies that were dumped and crumbled out during his wildness. He tore up every piece of paper that he could get a hold of. He was wild!! I am surprised that we didn't wake up the whole entire block. I am not sure how anyone in this house stayed asleep let alone the whole entire block.
To top it off, he cried for two straight hours. It was his screaming cry. He was so mad that his body wasn't letting him sleep. It was  pure torture to watch.
Unfortunately, I had a million things to do today and was unable to get my two hours in today of sleep. Any one want to judge me.....well please just pack your bag and live with us for awhile. You will get a real good idea of what my life is like and I would love to know if you could handle it on your own for as long as I have.

Sunday, September 27, 2015


Tonight was the first time in a long time that I witnessed erratic, wild behavior from Trenton. Trenton has been great lately on his medicine. Overall he is so much calmer and more aware of what is going on. He has done an amazing job listening to me and following directions. I just can't express how great it has been with him on his medicine. Then completely out of the blue, things took a 180.  Before I knew what was going on he was getting on the kitchen table and jumping off. He would run straight into the wall with his arms out in front of him as hard as he could. He would run and jump into the doors and windows. I was trying my best to calm him down but nothing helped. He was out of control. I used to manage this every night.... I have no idea how I did it. Now that he is on medicine that is working with him, it makes life so much more manageable!
Somehow, we only managed to walk away this evening with one curtain rod ripped down.

Trenton's behavior lasted 55 minutes. During that time he also attacked Andrew. In return, Andrew attacked him. Andrew did a 180 and could not settle down. He would sit on my lap screaming and crying and then want to jump off to attack Trenton again. Andrew eventually cried himself to sleep yelling very mean things at Trenton. I know Andrew didn't mean what he was yelling at Trenton, he just can't control his behavior.

What makes autism do this? It is so frustrating. His psychiatrist explained it so well how their bodies are wired completely different than a neurotypical person. To make matters worse, their bodies change every day and their "wiring" is different from one day to the next which makes finding the right medicine so difficult.  This Super moon that is going on tonight does not help the matter! I am a firm believer in the fact that the  moon effects the autistic brain. FIRM BELIEVER! My notes prove it!

On a good note, our new pet made it home this weekend! Andrew insist that her name is, Lightening. Wonder where he got that name from?!?! HA! I hope to get a better picture later this week! Thank you to the boys father for putting together the rabbit hutch!
Trenton is just as excited as Andrew to have a bunny now. Trenton kept saying, "bunny" over and over while smiling.

 I also got to spend time with my new nephew, Ledger.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fun Saturday!

We had a fun Saturday!!! The boys just love going  back to our old home. For the past week, Andrew has cried to "go home to Nana's house." He has asked me repeatedly every day when we were going. Three weeks with our house being the only house the boys has seen is just too long. They need to get out too!

They could not have been happier today! Trenton even swung with a kitty and said, "kitty."

 It is not a visit to Flora without taking a ride on Sugar.

 You can tell by his smile that he is so happy! He was in love with Sugar today! He had a great time taking his pony ride:)

 We also made our annual appearance at Flora's pumpkin patch. The boys had a great time as usual!

 The corn maze was great as always!

After the pumpkin patch, Pops took Trenton back to his house. Andrew, Nana, and Mommy went to the Ingrams Log Cabins. This is where Andrew's issues with autism came out full force. If it is not something that grabs Andrew's attention, then his problems show really bad. We received many looks and comments today. Andrew stimmed making very loud noises. I think every person in the place heard his noises and gave us some sort of look....

However, he did enjoy eating a funnel cake.
 And he loved it when we played "dress up." This is Andrew and Mommy's "old timer" picture. I just love the look on his face! I hate being serious in photos!!!!!!!

When we got  back home from the log cabins, Mommy and Nana were extremely jealous because Pops had Trenton asleep on his lap!!!
Trenton is very snugly this weekend!

We came home and had fun outside!
 Trenton even enjoyed a long 4 wheeler ride!!!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Superman & Batman

On Thursday morning Andrew wanted to wear his Batman shirt that has a cape attached to the back of it. Once I got Andrew dressed that morning he said, "Mommy, Trenton can wear my Superman shirt."

It was so cute and sweet!! Of course I put Trenton in Andrew's Superman shirt!

  Once Andrew arrived at Harsha from preschool, he ran back to Trenton's area and said, "Hi Superman."

They played well and interacted with each other for awhile on Thursday!

 I love these pictures! They are running from one end of the mat to the other. We do a lot of running in our backyard from one end of the yard to the other. They love to run together:)

Another highlight this week was that Trenton didn't just say my name on Wednesday but he said it on Thursday and today too!  Nothing makes me happier than to know that he says my name even when I am not around!!! It makes my heart so happy:)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Walk Now for Autism Speaks Slide Show

Here is a link to a slide show that I put together. It is pictures of the last three years at the Walk Now for Autism Speaks. I can't believe this is going to be my 4th walk!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Incredible Day!!

What an amazing day I had today! The boys did great at therapy and school. I had my tv interview for the walk, and I submitted my first paid article for!
The best part of my day was getting a video of Trenton going to the window, pointing and saying, "Mommy" all spontaneously. I could watch the video all day long and never get tired of hearing that sweet little voice:)

Here is the video

He also spelled out mommy for his coach while telling her what letter to write one by one.
 Then I get a video of Andrew telling me he loved me:)

This kid is a hoot!!


Andrew had fun playing with his Daddy last night!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I could not be happier with the way things are going....besides not sleeping but we will talk about that in a later post.

I was thinking today when I was taking my walk how God keeps on placing me down the most amazing path!! God lead us to some amazing therapist and doctors during our time in Illinois. We had some amazing fundraisers for Trenton to help with therapy bills. God has placed some incredible family and friends in my life who not only have helped us financially but show me the most amazing support ever. Then, when our boat starting sinking, He lead us to Terre Haute where I found the best facility and coaches in the world! I instantly fell in love with each of them and love them just like my own family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I have hinted on here about some of my future goals in life and I am so excited with what I want to do when I can. However, I will not take away from my boys.
 Not too long after moving here, I was asked to be the head person in the Autism Speaks walk!! I was beyond flattered!!  Then, out of nowhere, another door opened up for me over the weekend. I was asked to become an author for was started by a father of a child with autism. He has a great website and does some fantastic things for the autism world. I am ecstatic that he wants me to write for him!! He came to me and wants me to be one of his authors!! Yes, the Lord is treating me well! He knows what I want and he is giving me what I want before I even have to ask for it! God is good! I am so excited for this new opportunity in my life:) I hope I make my boys proud one day:) I am very excited to see what can transpire from this.
In the meantime, you can like his facebook page,

Monday, September 21, 2015


This little boy sure loves his Pepper!
We also have a new pet. This new pet is being held at Nana and Pops house until we get her "house" ready. Andrew is waiting patiently for his pet to come to his home. I can't wait to show you what he picked out.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Autism is Predictable About Being Unpredictable

The only thing with autism that is predictable is the fact that autism is unpredictable!

A month ago I left church in tears. I drove home with a constant flow of tears running down my cheeks. Between Trenton's tears from his meltdown and my tears we almost cried enough to flood out the inside of my car.

I sweat bullets taking my children to church. I never know what kind of experience to expect. I am a nervous wreck until I get there and see the smiling faces of the young girls that help me:)

Today, I felt brave. I felt terrible last Sunday leaving Trenton behind and only taking Andrew to church. It shouldn't be that way. Church can be manageable, I just need help from the time we get out of the van. Since I was feeling brave, both boys went with me. I am so glad I felt brave because Trenton did great today! Like I said, autism is predictable about being unpredictable!

It was a constant conversation between Andrew and I this morning about how he could not have Mommy just to himself. I had to explain that I needed to have both of my arms free to help and manage Trenton. For the most part, Andrew did great listening and following directions.

Trenton even wanted to go to kids church today. When it was time to release all the kids to go, Trenton grabbed my purse and gave it to me and said, "class." That was his way of telling me he wanted me to go with him to kids church. I did and he did very good!

Today was a very rewarding day! I love the days where we accomplish something "big" to us! It was the smoothest experience that I have had in church with both of the boys by myself . Like I said, one month ago it was the complete opposite for several consecutive Sundays.

I had to take a quick snapshot of Trenton in action being good! While the church was singing, he sat with his song book opened on his lap, looking at the words on the big screen up front while he was clapping. He was so happy to be there today:)

After church we went through a drive through, texted Daddy, and went to the park. The boys and I enjoyed a picnic at our secret park that has a closed in fence!

 The boys loved their picnic!
Another predictable thing about autism is the fact that his sleep is unpredictable! Trenton's sleep is still very bad and I have no idea when and where he will fall asleep. Like I mentioned, we are predictable about being unpredictable.

Saturday, September 19, 2015


My two favorite boys had a great week at Harsha and Preschool!

Andrew was the star student this week in his class at preschool! Andrew and I put together a poster board of pictures of his family, pets, favorite things. Andrew shared his poster board at circle time last Tuesday. Last Wednesday and Thursday he got to bring in a favorite toy each day to show his classmates at circle time. Andrew brought in Tow Mater and Dusty.

Here are the pictures he had me print off of his favorite things:)
His teacher said he did really good and enjoyed showing his class his pictures. She said he did the best when talking about his pets, Pepper and Sugar.
His teacher tells me everyday when I pick him up that he is going great! I am so happy to hear that:)

Trenton had a good week too! He continues to work hard. His day time medicine is working great, as of now. He seems so much more aware of things at home and Harsha says the same thing too!
His new sleep medicine is not working....doesn't surprise me. It has been 5 years of little sleep and I am confident it will continue to be like this forever....

A few pictures of Trenton from Harsha this week.

He looks so focused playing with his coach.

 I love the pictures of him cooking with a mitt on!!

 Every day on our way home from Harsha, we pulled in the county fair grounds and watched the elephants for a few minutes. There is a circus in town in two weeks but obviously the elephants arrived extra early!