Sunday, September 20, 2015

Autism is Predictable About Being Unpredictable

The only thing with autism that is predictable is the fact that autism is unpredictable!

A month ago I left church in tears. I drove home with a constant flow of tears running down my cheeks. Between Trenton's tears from his meltdown and my tears we almost cried enough to flood out the inside of my car.

I sweat bullets taking my children to church. I never know what kind of experience to expect. I am a nervous wreck until I get there and see the smiling faces of the young girls that help me:)

Today, I felt brave. I felt terrible last Sunday leaving Trenton behind and only taking Andrew to church. It shouldn't be that way. Church can be manageable, I just need help from the time we get out of the van. Since I was feeling brave, both boys went with me. I am so glad I felt brave because Trenton did great today! Like I said, autism is predictable about being unpredictable!

It was a constant conversation between Andrew and I this morning about how he could not have Mommy just to himself. I had to explain that I needed to have both of my arms free to help and manage Trenton. For the most part, Andrew did great listening and following directions.

Trenton even wanted to go to kids church today. When it was time to release all the kids to go, Trenton grabbed my purse and gave it to me and said, "class." That was his way of telling me he wanted me to go with him to kids church. I did and he did very good!

Today was a very rewarding day! I love the days where we accomplish something "big" to us! It was the smoothest experience that I have had in church with both of the boys by myself . Like I said, one month ago it was the complete opposite for several consecutive Sundays.

I had to take a quick snapshot of Trenton in action being good! While the church was singing, he sat with his song book opened on his lap, looking at the words on the big screen up front while he was clapping. He was so happy to be there today:)

After church we went through a drive through, texted Daddy, and went to the park. The boys and I enjoyed a picnic at our secret park that has a closed in fence!

 The boys loved their picnic!
Another predictable thing about autism is the fact that his sleep is unpredictable! Trenton's sleep is still very bad and I have no idea when and where he will fall asleep. Like I mentioned, we are predictable about being unpredictable.

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  1. That first picture (the one with Trenton clapping with the songbook) says it all......and there are no need for words!!!! "Suffer the little children and forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of God." Mark 10: 14, 15 That picture speaks volumns!!!!! I have a lot of preacher friends and I do believe there is a sermon here, folks!!! We don't have to understand everything about autism to simply show compassion and love for a child that is afflicted with it. Just like we don't have to have a complete understanding of the entire Bible .. just to know simply what we must do to be saved.. or even to give God the glory... we should ALL be this happy in church!!!! LOVE..LOVE..LOVE this!!!!